5.8 KW A 22 panel Axitec System located in Escondido. Michael Legionlin 5 Stars

I was relieved to find Incentive Solar. Solar energy is wonderful but the solar industry is volatile. I know this because I provide communication consulting services to a renewable energy company in Australia. Companies in this industry come and go, and with a 25+-year investment, the business behind the system is as important as the quality of components. I reviewed 5 companies, knowing I would have to suffer through interviews with sales reps
who knew next to nothing about the products they were pushing, but who felt saying “solar saves money” was enough to clinch the deal. Not so at Incentive Solar. Ben answered my questions honestly, with no hard-sell hype.
He honed in on our goals, then recommended a system to fit our needs. We had to have a portion of our roof replaced before the install, and Incentive Solar worked seamlessly with Perry Roofing, our vendor of choice. The solar install itself was performed by a team of highly professional technicians who left the work site spotless each day, and finished the install without noisy disruption to myself or my gated community neighbors. Marco Faragosa, Project Manager, was incredibly responsive. Emails or phone calls were answered the same day and any needed action was carried out quickly and professionally.

Because I believe in using only highest quality components, we went with LG panels and a Solar Edge inverter, so cost was higher than it might have been, but not in my opinion, unduly inflated to the company’s advantage – another measure of trust.

Our reason for going solar was driven by a commitment to environmentalism as much as it was by a desire to avoid the ever-increasing cost of standard electricity. With Incentive Solar, we felt we had achieved both financial and environmental goals. If you choose this ethical and highly professional renewable energy company, you’ll be glad you did.

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