4.3 KW A 16 panel Axitec System located in Rancho Penaqsquitos. Kyle Miholich 5 Stars

After spending countless hours researching different solar firms, speaking to sales people, trying to differentiate between a purchase and a lease, the ratings of different panels, and the capabilities of different inverters, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Incentive Solar. This was the only company I spoke to who didn’t try to sell me anything…they just listened to my questions and gave me well-thought out, easy to understand answers. When Ben and Greg came to our house to evaluate our needs and propose a system layout, there wasn’t low pressure. They were NO pressure, which we really appreciated. They even told us that if it didn’t make sense to install solar in our situation, they wouldn’t sell us a system. Plain and simple.

Well it turns out solar was right for us because I haven’t had an electric bill over $30 since installing our system and we’re currently offsetting about 95% of our electricity usage with solar. The installation was flawless, timely, and well communicated. The installers were very professional and the entire system looks fantastic. They even painted the conduit to match the house so you can’t even see it! Our system went on-line earlier than expected and we started reaping the benefits immediately. Our house is entirely electric, so the solar saves us a ton of money every month.

I would recommend Incentive Solar without hesitation. In fact, I have already done so to one of my neighbors and their system is going to be installed this summer.

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