Government Purchase Programs

Government Purchase ProgramsWe make sure your paying as little as possible for your solar system

Our team not only makes sure you take advantage of every Federal, State, and Local incentive <br />
program but we also fill out all the paperwork for you!


Incentive Solar keeps track of all the benefits the industry has to offer

  • Incentive Solar keeps track of all Local, State, and Federal plus any investor related Incentive Programs that other companies don’t know about!
  • Incentive Solar doesn’t just keep track of the solar panel incentives but we also have a full line of incentives to convert your home to full electric from the water heater to the filtration. End result more savings.

Take advantage of the Government Incentives while you can

  • Currently the big 30% Federal Tax Credit is scheduled to expire in 2016! Then you will be paying big money for your panels.
  • Your tax dollars pay for these tax rebates.
  • Incentive Solar thinks you should benefit from this federal investment to solar.
  • Just like the new home buyer federal credit. When its gone, its gone.

Solar is the way of the future, you might as well get your panels while the government is helping you pay for them.

  • San Diego leads all California cities in terms of the number of solar roofs installed, with more than 4,500 projects on residential, commercial and government buildings.
  • San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders spoke at the event, reaffirming his commitment to expanding San Diego’s thriving solar market.
  • Governor Jerry Brown has called for a significant expansion of California’s rooftop solar market by putting out a vision of installing 12 gigawatts by 2020.

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What Client Say About Us

  • Eric Bader, San Diego Ca.

    ” We interviewed three solar companies before choosing Incentive Solar. We were very impressed with Matt’s knowledge and passion for Solar. I always like a guy who has an answer for all my questions. Matt literally held our hands from consultation to installation. Thanks for taking me off the grid Incentive Solar!

  • Steven Brindley, San Diego Ca.

    “My neighbors finally convinced me to go solar by showing me their bill reduction! Instant believer. I interviewed over 5 solar companies in San Diego and Incentive Solar was by far the best choice. Greg was a pleasure to work and the install crew was great!

  • Brian Lanzer, San Diego Ca

    I am very impressed with the quality of work your guys at Incentive Solar have done. I am a super picky guy when it comes construction on my home. Being a retired electrician I am very aware of electrical work being done. I understand why you are #1 in Residential. Thanks guys!

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