Business Incentives

Solar Energy for Business

Solar For Business, Government And More

Incentive Solar is a leading provider of large-scale solar electric systems with over a decade of
proven performance helping federal government agencies, retailers, manufacturers, agriculture,
high tech companies and other businesses benefit from going solar.


We Help you save the most money

  • Accelerated Depreciation on your solar equipment gives you the ability to write off the majority in the first year which makes it even more affordable!
  • Switching to solar will immediately reduce your monthly business overhead costs. More money invested in things that return revenue!
  • Complete reduction of utility bill after payback period. No more utility bill overhead!

Why Incentive Solar for your business?

  • We are a business and understand overhead cost reduction is key to success. Electric rates increase on average 6% per year. Did you plan that in your growth?
  • We give your business a consumer competitive advantage by communicating to the public that you are an environmentally responsible, local job investing business.
  • Incentive Solar has over 25 years of business experience from construction to retail.

Incentive Solar will help you take advantage of the Federal, State, and Local rebates

  • federal, state, and local rebates can decrease system cost up to 65%
  • Rebates expire or run out like anything else so switch to solar while you still have them

Get advanced solar technology

  • Our solar panels have energy monitoring with the most advanced app, so you can track your home’s production.
  • With our app you can monitor each panel individually allowing maximized panel production.
  • Incentive Solar can mount your system right into your roof for improved aesthetics. We even install them in just a few hours.

Our Step by Step Process

Incentive Solar is a full service energy provider. Our team is committed to taking care of every part of your
project, including permitting, system design, quick installation, and a big welcome to our Solar family.


Efficiency in Simplicity

Site Audit




Final Inspection

Utility Interconnection

Monitering & Maintenance

What Client Say About Us

  • Eric Bader, San Diego Ca.

    ” We interviewed three solar companies before choosing Incentive Solar. We were very impressed with Matt’s knowledge and passion for Solar. I always like a guy who has an answer for all my questions. Matt literally held our hands from consultation to installation. Thanks for taking me off the grid Incentive Solar!

  • Steven Brindley, San Diego Ca.

    “My neighbors finally convinced me to go solar by showing me their bill reduction! Instant believer. I interviewed over 5 solar companies in San Diego and Incentive Solar was by far the best choice. Greg was a pleasure to work and the install crew was great!

  • Brian Lanzer, San Diego Ca

    I am very impressed with the quality of work your guys at Incentive Solar have done. I am a super picky guy when it comes construction on my home. Being a retired electrician I am very aware of electrical work being done. I understand why you are #1 in Residential. Thanks guys!

Projects Completed By our installers