9 Must Read “Other” Benefits of Solar

9 Must Read “Other” Benefits of Solar

Sep 07 2013 By : incentivesolar

Benefits Of  Solar Residential Systems

When deciding to switch to a residential solar power system you are not only deciding to pay an incredibly lower monthly electric bill but you are actually taking back the power to choose where you get your energy from. In most markets when you buy in bulk you save a lot of money. Not with SDG&E, when you buy more of their over priced electricity they actually charge you more for it.

That is why every 4 minutes someone is switching to solar because they believe that the sun is the better choice for their home or business needs. They are not the only ones, here is a quote from Thomas Eddison, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

Besides the not-to-be overlooked financial benefits of solar. 

– 0 down options (immediately cheaper monthly electric bill)
– Federal Government Pays 30%
– Solar Panels are the best R.O.I. in today’s market
– Price Lock your electricity costs, (avoid SDG&E September increase)

There are many not-to-be overlooked uses and benefits of solar.

Remove your carbon dioxide footprint: Your carbon dioxide footprint is a measure of how much carbon dioxide you’re releasing into the atmosphere depending on your energy-consuming habits. A normal United States co2 footprint is about thirty six thousand pounds (18 tons) each year.

Benefit from Sunlight’s unending supply: Never ever-ever-ever run out of resources. On a single 1-square-meter surface the sun releases enough energy in one hour to create 1kWh of energy. That being said on a 5-square-meter surface with the sun shinning all day your system has the ability to create over 180kWh per month.

Practice your legal rights to sunlight: There is a legal right of you to demand that the neighbors eliminate trees and shrubs along with other road blocks for your photovoltaic accessibility so you can receive your benefits of solar. Seek advice from the local solar consultants at Incentive Solar to find out exactly what types of regulations affect your system design.

Enjoy solar energy’s flexibility…You may use your benefits of solar power in lots of ways;

Produce electricity for common use: Using solar energy to generate electricity for your house can let you to reduce your electric bills to zero.

Make meals: Easy-to-build solar ovens and heaters can assist you to put dinner on the table.

Exercise passive space heating: Sunlight may provide temperature control for your home through proper utilization of blinds, awnings, as well as sunrooms.

Heat up water: Take advantage of solar energy to make sure you warm up the family water supply and / or help sun-warmed water warm up your home.

Heat up your swimming pool: You may cover your pool with a solar blanket in order to temperature it inexpensively as well as effectively.

Put landscape lighting: You are able to place small and affordable photovoltaic lamps around your yard and get rid of the need for lighting powered by the local utility company.

Provide in house lighting: The technological growth in light-emitting diodes has let a number of effective solar lighting systems for in-house utilization with very low energy requirements.

Power remote dwellings: You are able to fully power a remote cabin, RV, or boat using solar.

Obtain freedom from fossil energy resources: In the United States, domestic supplies of fossil fuels are dwindling, and demand cannot be fulfilled at the present rate of consumption growth. Solar power is locally generated, and every kWh of solar energy that we generate cuts down our demand for foreign oil sources by the same amount.

The above are just a few amazing benefits and uses for solar energy. For more facts about the solar system that you could design for your own energy needs, or to just get more facts schedule a home solar consultation by clicking here.benefits of solar

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